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Bike Storage

Available now at our Abu Dhabi Cycling Club Bike Rental Facility, Al Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Wolfi’s Bike storage is now available at our new world class facility on Al Hudayriyat Island meaning you can worry less about the inconvenience of transporting and servicing your bikes and focus more on riding. Benefit from a year round, secure, value for money storage solution complete with a team of dedicated mechanics who ensure your bikes are running smooth during every ride.  

Storage Pricing and Benefits

1 Month500 AEDBike Storage & 1x Wash and Lube (worth 75 AED)
3 Months1400 AEDBike Storage & 1x Level 1 Service, 2x Wash and Lube (worth 450 AED)
6 Months2900 AEDBike Storage & 1x Level 2 Service, 1x Level 1 Service,
4x Wash and Lube (worth 1100 AED)
12 Months5750 AEDBike Storage & 1x Level 3 Service, 1x Level 2 Service,
1x Level 1 Service, 9x Wash and Lube (worth 1900 AED)

Click below to find out more about our service levels!

Additional Benefits

Shade Growing

We check your tire pressure and lube your chain before every ride.

Hand picked harvest

Your bike is checked in and out before and after every ride by a dedicated mechanic.

Refining: Meat of the leaves

We charge all electronic components on your bike including gears and dropper posts.

Bike Storage at Wolfi's

Store your bikes with us and have a hassle-free ride.

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