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The Vision of Perfect Tires

In the first decades after the Second World War, the bicycle tire was considered an interchangeable mass product that could practically not be improved on. In the 1980s, cycling re-established itself as a popular trend as more and more people got back on the saddle. It was in this context that Schwalbe – established in 1973 – emerged as a standard-setter in the bicycle tire market. The launch of the legendary Schwalbe Marathon tire in 1983, with its unprecedented mileage, was met with great enthusiasm by keen cyclists, bicycle dealers and trade journalists.

Tires For Every Type of Bike

The bike world has become more and more diverse over the years. New categories, such as the MTB, gravel bike, and last but not least, e-bike, created completely new market segments and presented hitherto unknown challenges for tires. Against this backdrop, Schwalbe deliberately chose to focus on the development of innovative tires and tubes, instead of expanding the company’s activities to the technically quite different automotive tire sector.


Schwalbe Tires

Discover our diverse selection of high-performance bike tires and find your perfect tire for maximum performance at the highest level.

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Inner Tubes

Schwalbe bicycle inner tubes are highly durable and provide lasting puncture resistance with the best riding characteristics.

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Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Improve your transition and cycling ride with special designed triathlon shoes from Lake.

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Scott Urban Bikes

Headed to work or a weekend adventure? Ditch the car, it's time to ride with our hybrid bikes, ready for commuting or touring, you choose!

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Scott Kids Bikes

Here you'll find all our bikes for kids, from our Future Pro collection for the rising stars, and our Little Kids and Big Kids collections focused on fun, functional, and well-fitting bikes with the coolest designs.

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Where are Schwalbe Tires Manufactured?

All Schwalbe tires are manufactured in Indonesia. Our state-of-the-art Schwalbe plant has more than 3000 employees who produce far more than one million bicycle tires per month.The plant has existed for more than 20 years now. It is a joint venture between the German company Ralf Bohle GmbH and the Korean family company Hung-A.

All Schwalbe tires and all Schwalbe tubes are manufactured in the Schwalbe-owned plant. This exclusivity applies unreservedly. Schwalbe does not buy from other production facilities and no tires are produced for other brands.


Find the best tire for your bike.

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Schwalbe Tires for the Future

Climate protection, urbanization and the joy of physical exercise in fresh air are just some of the good reasons that promise cycling a great future. We at Schwalbe would like to play our part in contributing to this: with high-quality tires and tubes that will inspire you with useful innovations, distinctive designs, exciting performance and reliable puncture protection.

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Road Bike Tires

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Bike Inner Tubes

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MTB Tires

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Find the Right Tire

You can't rely on the weather. You can rely on your tires.

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