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WeThePeople: Crafting BMX Excellence Since 1996

In the heart of Cologne, Germany, a group of passionate BMX enthusiasts came together with a singular vision: to create the best BMX products the world had ever seen. It was 1996, and the birth of WeThePeople marked the beginning of a journey fueled by unwavering dedication and an unrelenting love for BMX.

From day one, WeThePeople has been about more than just bikes. It's about a community, a lifestyle, and a shared passion. Every BMX bike, part, and piece of apparel is meticulously designed in-house, ensuring that the same hands-on care and expertise go into every product. This isn't just a business; it's a way of life, driven by riders who understand the thrill of the ride and the needs of the BMX community. 

WeThePeople's Superior BMX Bikes

For over 20 years, WeThePeople Bike Co. has been a leader in BMX innovation, crafting advanced and meticulously engineered bikes, frames, and components. Driven by a passion for BMX, WeThePeople continually pushes the boundaries to bring you the best in BMX products.


WeThePeople Bikes

Our diverse lineup of BMX bikes caters to all skill levels and riding styles, ensuring top performance, durability, and style.

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WeThePeople Components

Our frames are precision-crafted for strength and responsiveness, while our components, from handlebars to wheels, are rigorously tested for quality and reliability.

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Built by Riders, for Riders

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to bring you the best possible BMX products EVER. WeThePeople is rider-owned and rider-tested, meaning every product that bears our name has been put through the paces by those who know BMX best. We don't settle for good enough; we strive for perfection, pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality.

Explore the Latest Collection

Embrace the ride, and become a part of the WeThePeople story.

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High-Performance BMX Bikes

Every WeThePeople BMX bike is designed and built with the rider in mind. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our bikes are engineered to deliver top-notch performance, durability, and style. From street and park to dirt and flatland, our diverse lineup ensures there's a perfect fit for every rider's needs.

WethePeople Prime 12inch BMX Bike.jpg__PID:4aea0952-fdbe-496f-a598-a349ad859876

WethePeople Prime
12inch BMX Bike

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WethePeople ACTIVATE 20''x2.4'' 100 PSI Tyre.jpg__PID:2bd97e4a-ea09-42fd-bed9-6f2598a349ad

WethePeople ACTIVATE
20''x2.4'' 100 PSI Tyre

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WethePeople Avenger BMX Bike.jpg__PID:7e4aea09-52fd-4ed9-af25-98a349ad8598

WethePeople Avenger
BMX Bike

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Wethepeople Arrow Grip.jpg__PID:d97e4aea-0952-4dbe-996f-2598a349ad85

Arrow Grip

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Wethepeople Team Pivotal BMX Saddle.jpg__PID:0952fdbe-d96f-4598-a349-ad85987626f8

Wethepeople Team
Pivotal BMX Saddle

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Wethepeople Supply BMX Chain.jpg__PID:ea0952fd-bed9-4f25-98a3-49ad85987626

Wethepeople Supply
BMX Chain

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Ride the Revolution

Brings greatest efficiency and comfort.

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