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About Lezyne

Lezyne was founded on March 1st, 2007, by industry icon (and German native) Micki Kozuschek. In the prime of his career as a professional triathlete, Kozuschek began Maxcycles and brought affordable, high-quality bicycles and clothing to the German market. Shortly after moving to the USA, Kozuschek founded Truvativ, which grew to become a leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket cycling components. In 2004, Kozuschek sold Truvativ to SRAM. 

Then in 2007, Kozuschek re-entered the cycling industry with Lezyne – Engineered Design. Lezyne's goal was to engineer and produce premium quality accessories that meet the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. In few words, Lezyne's goal was Engineered Design. Lezyne is now a cycling accessories industry leader with award winning products worldwide. Lezyne also developed its own lenses to produce the best possible optics for bicycle lights. More information about LED technology can be found here.

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Lezyne specialize in bicycle accessories. Lezyne is the combination of a love for cycling and a passion for design. Superb design, intelligent technology and functional execution.


Lezyne Lights

Just because the daylight ends doesn’t mean your ride has to. Our extensive lineup of premium LED bike lights ensure that you can keep going all day and all night long.

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Lezyne Pumps

Offering the most complete range of bike pumps on the market,Lezyne prides itself on being the leader in intelligent inflation.

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Lezyne Tools

Our tool designs are the most engineered and advanced available using key features like center-pivot bits, durable chain breakers and the finest, lightest and strongest materials available.

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Scott Urban Bikes

Headed to work or a weekend adventure? Ditch the car, it's time to ride with our hybrid bikes, ready for commuting or touring, you choose!

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Scott Kids Bikes

Here you'll find all our bikes for kids, from our Future Pro collection for the rising stars, and our Little Kids and Big Kids collections focused on fun, functional, and well-fitting bikes with the coolest designs.

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At Lezyne, we pride ourselves on our core values of high-quality, engineered design. Our new packaging solutions are a testament to this commitment to excellence. We believe that every detail matters, from the materials we use to our packaging design.By prioritizing product protection and reducing waste, we're doing our part to contribute to a more sustainable future while maintaining our dedication to innovative and engineered design.

We Are Lezyne

Makers of world-class cycling and e-bike accessories.

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What Do You Need For Your Next Ride?

Lezyne has a wide range of quality and reliable bicycle accessories. Especially because of the beautiful design, the innovative products are very popular with cyclists. Bicycle pumps are very popular, such as the mini pumps, floor pumps and CO2 cartridges. In addition, Lezyne also has a wide range of lighting for the bicycle. With the Lezyne bicycle lighting you have a good view and you are visible to others.


Lezyne Bags

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Lezyne GPS Devices

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Lezyne Bottle & Cages

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Lezyne Acessories

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Visibility Redefined

See it all - Be seen by all. Browse our range of bike accessories.

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