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The Founder - Ernesto Colnago

At the age of 13 Ernesto Colnago, in order to work at the Gloria bicycle factory in Milan as a welder, changed the date of birth on the documents: he didn't have the legal age for working. His extraordinary skills were discovered almost by chance by Fiorenzo Magni, who made him his official mechanic at the Giro d'Italia. From there on, it is a continuous ascent driven by great intuitions and amazing creations.


We are the Ace of Cycling.We pursue nothing but excellence. We aim for the best at everything we do.The audacious and victorious attitude of champions inspires us to create the most thriving and pioneer experiences.


Colnago Road Bike

Indulge in the epitome of cycling excellence with our exquisite collection of Colnago Road Bikes.

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Colnago Gravel Bike

Experience the pinnacle of cycling with our exceptional range of Colnago Gravel Bikes.

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Colnago C68

The Colnago C68 is the pinnacle of the evolution of Colnago history. It’s the lug construction at its extreme development, it’s where 68 years of frame design meet the future. Colnago C68 is simply the new milestone.


The most appealing bicycle in the world.

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Colnago DNA

We were guided by a true Master: Ernesto Colnago, the expert and visionary.We still carry his wisdom and artisan skill to create superior experiences and reliable high-end products.We are pioneers, we strive to design the future today.

Colnago V3 Disc Ultegra.jpg__PID:993f8600-dd5d-40ee-82ab-deb2a4c49e46

Colnago V3 Disc Ultegra R8020
Fulcrum 600 Road Bike

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Colnago C64 Disc Ultegra R8070 Di2 Syncros RP2.0 Custom Road Bike

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Colnago V3.jpg__PID:3f8600dd-5d50-4e42-abde-b2a4c49e466a

Colnago V3 Disc Ultegra Di2
Racing 600 Road Bike

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Ride the Dream

Experience cycling excellence with Italian-made Colnago bikes. Immerse yourself in a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation that defines the art of cycling.

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