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How To Make Sure You Finish Your Mountain Bike Race

Since you started riding a mountain bike, your interest has been growing and growing. It's inevitable that sooner or later, you will ride your first mountain bike race. That's exciting. But what do you need to join a race? And how do you know what to bring? With this blog, we make sure you come prepared and if you have questions or want to learn more, leave a comment down on the page, or read the blog.

Days Before The Event

As you signed up for your event and did all your training, the great day is coming close. Don't allow any surprises. Check your bike a couple of days before your race. If there are technical issues, you have some time to get them fixed, get the bike for bike service, or replace parts if necessary. Having some time left will save you a lot of stress, which will benefit you in a better result during the great day.

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Before The Start

Now the day is there, and you entered the venue. The race is a couple of hours away from starting. And it's now time for your final preparations. Learn the track, warm up and fit the number. Now it's getting real. You are racing! To make sure you are well-prepared for this moment.

We recommend you bring the following in your pre-race preparations.

Cable Ties:
Every race comes with a racing number and sometimes a transponder. Cable ties will help you fit those things excellently.

Floor Pump:
Mountain bike is all about grip. Adding or releasing some tire pressure could help to feel better and perform better on your bike. Therefore, bringing a floor pump with a pressure indicator is always good. It's better to be safe than sorry.

You might want to make some minor changes. Like your saddle a bit up or down. Or you were changing a wheel. Having a Multi-tool with you will save you from some peculiar moments.

Elbow and Knee Protection:
Some mountain bike races will be on rough and challenging terrains. If you don't know the track, surprises are around every corner. Wearing extra protection during your pre-race discovery laps can be beneficial to avoid injuries.

Cyclist riding a mountain bike

During Your Ride

The bike race has started, and now you are racing. If you do a long mountain bike race, preparing yourself for technical difficulties like a snapped chain or a flat tire is always good. This can quickly happen when you're riding your mountain bike. And it would be a pity if those situations prevented you from finishing your race.

So during your ride, bring some spare parts and tools to help you complete your race.

Saddle Bag:
During your marathon ride, you must bring spare parts, just in case of a technical issue. You already got a Multi-tool for your preparations. Take this tool with you during the ride. But also with:

Spare Inner Tube:
You never know if you will run flat. You can right tubeless, but if the cut is too bad, the tubeless can't save it. Inserting an inner tube could save your race.

Tire Levers:
You need something to lever the tire if you need to install the inner tube.

Mini Pump Or A CO2 Blaster and CO2 Card Ridges:
You need the pressure back in the tires to finish.

Multi Chain Pliers and Chain Links:
The tire is not the only issue you could face during your race. In case your chain snaps. Multi Chain Pliers and some spare chain links help fix s snapped chains and replace the broken chain links.

After The Race

Great job, you've made it to the finish. Now it's time to celebrate the achievement, cut off the transponder, and give it back to the organizers. A cable cutter will be handy. So you can cut the cable ties of your start number and transponder. And your bike is back in its original state. Also, bring a towel for yourself to refresh yourself after the bike ride.

If you have more questions, leave us a comment in the section below or reach out to our email or social media message options. Our team is happy to help you!

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