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6 Steps To get Your Bike Ready For Your Next Ride

Follow this easy guide to get your bike ready in tip top shape for the coming season.


When temperatures drop and humidity fades away, you know the season is coming. You survived your summer riding early hours, indoor cycling, or if you're luck one, a riding trip abroad, but now it's time to get your bike ready for next season and start riding again! So you're ready, but how is your bike?

Two cyclist riding their mountain bike

1. A clean bike is a happy bike

It's always good practice to wash and lube your bike. Especially after a long dusty ride, it's good to give your bike extra attention and wash off all those kilometres of sweat marks or pushing-those-miles dust. A good bike shampoo, a sponge, and a bucket of water will take you far but the chain and gears are one of the most critical parts of your bike. So you want to degrease and lube the chain and gears.

Follow these steps to wash your bike.

Step 1:
Degrease the chain and gears with a product like the Finish Line EcoTech Degreaser and a brush. In case you use CeramicSpeed and UFO we recommend to use the UFO Degreaser

Step 2:
Make your frame wet and clean it with a bike shampoo like Finish Line Super Bike Wash.


Step 3:

Spray off the bike with water again and dry every component. Use a towel or wipes to do this.

Step 4:

Lube the chain with Finish Line Chain Lube or UFO Drip.

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2. Look after your tires

Nothing is as frustrating as a flat tire during the ride. It's recommended to check your tires while you prepare your bike before every ride. Dirt on the roads can wear out your tires, making it more likely you will run flat at some point near. Maybe you collected a little puncture during your previous ride. Also, your bike might have lost some tire pressure when it stood still. So if your tire looks worn or flattened, mount up a new pair, and inflate to the recommended PSI. You can find this on the sidewall of your tire.

Group of cyclist riding their road bikes

3. Test your braking and shifting

Give your chain a spin and check all gears. Are they working? Is everything moving as smoothly as it should, or do you feel some resistance in your shifting? Do a couple of brake tests as well. Like your chain, sweat, water, and grime could cause trouble with your cables, resulting in poor-performing gear changes and braking. If you have difficulties with either braking or shifting, the best thing to do is to service your bike

Do you have electronic shifting? Make sure your batteries are recharged before you start your first ride. And also, with the batteries recharged, make sure your shifting works well by checking the gears one by one.

Two cyclist riding their mountain bike

4. Go for those upgrades

The season is coming, and as you service the bike, this is the best time to go for those upgrades you always wanted. Why change the worn-out cassette on those old wheels if you're thinking about replacing the wheels later this season? Better change the wheels straight away and save an extra cassette. Another upgrade to round your bike off is the super smooth CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System. If you already want to replace the chain and cassette. It's the start of the season, so there is a fair chance that the upgrades you want are in stock now.


5. Check your saddlebag

How well you serviced your bike before the first ride doesn't matter. During your ride, there is always a chance of a flat tire. There is nothing as annoying as missing out on the proper equipment to fix this flat tire. This means your saddlebag must contain a spare tube, a pair of tire levers, a small pump or CO2 inflater, and .... a multi tool! Just check to be sure, and re-check every month during the season.


6. Get a bike fit

Did you change anything on your bike recently? A new saddle or maybe bought some new shoes. Recheck your fit on the bike. Book a professional bike fit to prevent injuries during the season.

(Bonus) Let someone else do the check for you.

Why check the bike yourself when you can have somebody else do it for you? Book your season check-up and servicing using the Wolfi's Workshop App and bring the bike instore. We will run all the checks and advise you if any actions are needed.

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