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The great adventure of Selle Italia began just outside of Milan in the village of Corsico in 1897. Selle Italia was originally founded to make saddles for everyday bicycles used for transportation. Back then, automobiles were an unaffordable for most and the bicycle was the transport of choice for many. Fast forward to the late 1970′s. The automobile had long replace the bicycle as a primary mode of transport and cycling was more for sport than anything.

The Bigolin family took over Selle Italia and began an upward trajectory that propelled Selle Italia to the top with continuous product innovation encompassing new construction techniques and using new materials. This innovation and vision has made Selle Italia the acknowledged #1 source for high-end bicycle saddles worldwide.

Over 120 Years of History

The pursuit of innovation and the vision have made Selle Italia, and continue to do so, one of most recognised companies in the world in the cycling market.



Developing unique saddle profiles like SLR, Flite, Novus, and X-Bow allows you to find a saddle that's been fine-tuned for your next ride.

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Lezyne Pumps

Offering the most complete range of bike pumps on the market,Lezyne prides itself on being the leader in intelligent inflation.

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Lezyne Tools

Our tool designs are the most engineered and advanced available using key features like center-pivot bits, durable chain breakers and the finest, lightest and strongest materials available.

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Scott Urban Bikes

Headed to work or a weekend adventure? Ditch the car, it's time to ride with our hybrid bikes, ready for commuting or touring, you choose!

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Scott Kids Bikes

Here you'll find all our bikes for kids, from our Future Pro collection for the rising stars, and our Little Kids and Big Kids collections focused on fun, functional, and well-fitting bikes with the coolest designs.

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Our Biggest Challenge Comes from Ourselves

Each and every Selle Italia saddle is the fruit of our constant research and development programs. We use detailed scientific studies and millimeter after millimeter, material after material, we work closely with the top doctors and biomechanics scientists to turn out saddles which come one step closer to perfection, which fit any anatomy, and which can meet any possible need of the cyclist.

Today more than ever, research and development comes first for Selle Italia. In the past, saddles were produced first and their use was determined later. Today Selle Italia never creates just any product. We make careful research and lab tests, then extensive real-life testing with riders. That’s how perfect saddles are born, and that is why Selle Italia saddles optimize comfort and performance for any rider.

Bike Saddles

Choose comfort every time, no matter where your ride.

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Selle Italia Saddle Range

Ultimate quality for over 120 years. Built on a history of Italian craftsmanship and premium materials, Selle Italia has been leading the pack for well over a century. Revolutionising the cycling industry time and time again, our saddles are all about combining the perfect fit with incredible performance.

Browse our extensive range of premium competition saddles.

Selle Italia SLR Boost TI 316 Superflow Saddle.jpg__PID:8ab6649e-e9c9-4230-b7ae-2d97948262e1

SLR Boost TI 316 Superflow Saddle

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Selle Italia Flite Boost Kit Carbon Saddle.jpg__PID:2cc8d767-8ab6-449e-a9c9-d23037ae2d97

Flite Boost Kit Carbon Saddle

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Selle Italia S5 SuperFlow Saddle.jpg__PID:d7678ab6-649e-49c9-9230-37ae2d979482

Selle Italia S5 SuperFlow Saddle

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Selle Italia SLR Boost Lady TI316 Superflow Saddle.jpg__PID:678ab664-9ee9-49d2-b037-ae2d97948262

SLR Boost Lady TI316 Superflow Saddle

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Selle Italia Flite Boost Kit Carbon SuperFlow Saddle.jpg__PID:c8d7678a-b664-4ee9-89d2-3037ae2d9794

Flite Boost Kit Carbon SuperFlow Saddle

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Saddles for any activity

Find the best saddle for your style of cyclism.

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