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8 Must Haves for Road Cyclists 

Join Wolfi’s team member Wesley as he presents his Top 8 items for road cycling. This video will show you the absolute essentials that you need to carry out with you on the road.

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8 Must have for Road Cyclist

1. Helmet
Ensure a safe ride on the road with a quality bike helmet for men, women & kids. Discover the best bicycle helmets for road cycling, triathlon, mountain biking or your commuting ride.

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2. Sunglasses
Wearing good quality sunglasses all year round is highly recommended. The glasses will not only help to block most UV rays but also protect your eyes from anything flying into them.

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3. Bib Shorts
Bib shorts are one of, if not the most important piece of clothing when it comes to cycling. Your bib shorts could make or break your ride or training sessions. What you would like to look for when purchasing shorts is lightweight, breathable, compression, and moisture-wicking fabrics. These materials will keep you cool and dry during hot summer rides.

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4. GPS System
The GPS cycling computer is an excellent choice for all riders looking for a full-featured, mid-sized device. It is a powerful and compact bike computer that will let you explore with accurate and well-timed turn-by-turn navigation and mapping.

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5. Bottle and Bottle Cage
Explore our range of high-quality bicycle bottle and bottle cages designed to elevate your cycling experience. Our durable and lightweight bottle cages are crafted for optimal performance, ensuring a secure hold for your water bottle during every ride.

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6. Bike Lights
Step into the future of cycling with our cutting-edge bike lights collection. As the sun sets, don't compromise visibility; shine a light on safety during your night rides. Our wide range of bicycle lights not only brightens your path but also contributes to a safer and more enjoyable biking experience.

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7. Tool Kit
One thing we always recommend when purchasing your very first bike is to ensure that you have the essential tools to accompany you during your general rides and races. Below mentioned are the essential tools  you will need when you travel with your bike, on your everyday rides and your most important race day.

  • Tire Levers

  • Spare Inner Tube

  • CO2 Inflator

  • Multi Tool

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8. Floor Pump
An essential tool for any ride or travelling where space and weight is finite to ensure that your tires are pumped up to the perfect pressure.

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