7 Accessories Needed for Safety 

Road or track, safety should always be top priority. Along with checking your bike before you ride, here are our top 7 accessories that you need to invest in when it comes to keeping you safe.

Cycling helmet


Wearing a helmet is the most effective way of reducing head injuries and fatalities.  The use of helmets is required by the law in UAE as part of precautionary measures.

Make sure that the helmet fits your head and that when set up correctly it should be tight enough to not move around when you shake your head, but it shouldn’t feel too restrictive.

For the chin strap – there shouldn’t be more than two fingers room between your chin and the strap to avoid the helmet coming off during a crash. We at Wolfi’s take safety on the bike seriously and we only stock the best quality brands, passing the European safety standards for our valued customers.

Helmets do have a lifespan and it is advised to replace them every few years, and most definitely replace them after being involved in a crash.

Bike gloves


Gloves are an important accessories to consider when riding a bike. When buying gloves look for a close fit that is comfortable. The most important feature of gloves is that they protect your hands.

They should offer you a bit of grip so your hands don’t slip off the handlebars and cushioning in the required areas to ensure comfort. The pressure and friction on the palms and fingers of a cyclist can lead to blisters and discomfort.

The padding and extra protective layer of gloves greatly reduce the chance of skin irritations forming. During the unfortunate events of a crash, it is instinct to put your hand out as a safety measure and in times like this, it will save you a lot of skin and discomfort. 

Bike front and rear light

Front and Rear Lights

Another important accessories which is also required by the law is front and rear lights. They should be in full working condition in order to be visible, avoid accidents and avoid being fined.

Hydration pack

Hydration Pack

A water bottle is an important piece to have. As a cyclist, it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated.

Cycling causes you to lose considerable amounts of fluids in the form of sweat which causes a loss of electrolytes which can then lead to cramping, poor concentration, and weakened performance.

Here at Wolfi’s, we educate our customers on the importance of hydration and different products and methods that can be used – especially as we’re living in a country with extreme heat.

Men cycling bib shorts
Women cycling bib shorts

Cycling Shorts

It is always advisable to wear good quality padded shorts and to further your riding comfort use a chamois cream to ensure you don’t have discomfort due to chaffing and unnecessary pressure so that you are ready for a ride again tomorrow.

Bike saddle


When selecting a saddle find a saddle that distributes the weight of your body correctly, fits the shape of your pelvis, and improves your overall comfort when cycling.

The sit bones should be supporting the rider’s weight with little to no pressure on the perineal or pubic bone area. This is extremely important for both men and women as it is essential that these sensitive areas of nerves and blood vessels are not damaged.

We have the correct tools and knowledge from all our brands that allow us to take the necessary measurements to establish what our customer’s needs are.

Bike fitting

Bike Fitting

When selecting your choice of bike we take no shortcuts and use our German Radlabor smart fit bike-fitting system to ensure we give you the correct size bike and ensure you have the most comfortable ride whether your goal is performance orientated or a leisurely ride with your family.

With our team’s expertise, we can give the correct recommendations and make sure your cycling journey is a memorable one.

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