Consultation at Wolfi's High Performance Center

Wolfi's High Performance Center is here!

Wolfi's High Performance Center is located on the beautiful Al Hudayriyat Island, we invite everyone to come and level up with our team.

Our aim for the High Performance Center is to have a one stop lab where you can get all you need in one location. With all the different experts in their field under one roof, we work together to give our customers the best possible services, solutions and guidance. We are delighted to be operational and to be a part of the community where we look forward to playing our role in the success and elevation of a healthy lifestyle here in the UAE.

Our offerings include: Vo2 Max, Fatmax, Lactate Accumulation, Complete Metabolic Profile and a Complete Metabolic Profile + Vo2 max Performance Tests. These tests are engineered by Science to Sport who have High Performance coaches in UAE Team Emirates, BORA-Hansgrohe and Specialized Factory Racing professional cycling teams. Premium bike fitting in our GebioMized Concept Lab, the first outside of Europe and the ultimate in recovery provided through cold water therapy from Avanto pools and physiotherapy and soft tissue treatment in partnership with BounceBack.

We offer the following:

Performance testing where we do FTP and VO2 Lactate testing engineered by Science to Sport who are the performance coaches for UAE Team Emirates. This helps us establish your current fitness levels, training zones and manage athlete progress. We provide hands on coaching plans and nutrition guidance to help you achieve your goals and keep you on track. We understand how a good bike fit can improve your riding and reduce additional strain that causes fatigue and injury, that is why we are delighted to provide premium bike fitting in our Gebiomized Concept Lab which is the first one outside of Europe. On the recovery side we provide multiple services and products to help you. Recovery is one of the most important aspects as this is the time where the body adapts and benefits from those hard sessions. We have the cold water therapy using the Avanto pools, Normatec compression boots and excellent Physio and soft tissue therapy in partnership with Bounce Back.

Our services at Wolfi's High Performance Center are intended for everyone - whether you are an elite athlete, an aspiring athlete or recreational sports enthusiast.

We at Wolfi's have a strong passion and desire to make a positive impact on the health and lifestyle of the community and thus extending our expertise and offerings with the High Performance Center excites us to be able to better serve our community.

We hope to see you all soon at Wolfi's High Performance Center!

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