Welcome to Cycling

Welcome to Cycling - The Ultimate Guide To Riding Your Bike With Joy

All you need to know if you want to start cycling in the UAE.

Cycling is one of the most versatile sports in the world. Also, in the UAE, there are many ways to ride. If you're new to the sport or considering riding a bike, we made this guide to help you start your journey.

Different kinds of cycling

Cycling will benefit your health and many more things, as you can read in our blog here. But with cycling being so versatile, there are many ways to ride a bike, making the sport much more attractive for more people. Finding your favourite form of cycling will help you to keep up the motivation.

If you're starting with cycling, there are three kinds that you can experience.

1. Road Cycling

Riding on cycling tracks. Focussed on fitness, speed, and endurance. Most of the time, riding in couples or small groups.

2. Mountain Biking

Riding off-road, on gravel or rocky tracks. Most of the time, riding in couples. This type of riding is more explosive and technical.

3. Urban Riding

Riding with some of the challenges of the city. One minute you're riding on tarmac, and the next you could be riding on gravel. The rides are made for fitness and joy. It's a more relaxed way to exercise and enjoy the surroundings. Most of the time, you ride alone or with a friend.

What do you need to start?

If you want to start cycling, you need a bike. But apart from a bike, some products will help make your riding journey much safer and more enjoyable, regardless of the type of cycling you want to perform.


You only have one brain. So protect it where possible. Do always wear your helmet when you go out cycling. Let's hope you will never need it. But if you do, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Make sure you're visible while riding. You're in traffic or using the cycling track. Being visible to others is an excellent way to ensure you always stay safe. This also includes lights during daylight to ensure other people will notice you earlier.

Bottle Cage With A Water Bottle

The weather in the UAE can be hot, and exercising will make you sweat. This means you need to stay hydrated to optimize the performance and health of your body.

Basic Repair Kit

You might run flat, or you feel you need just that minor adjustment on your saddle to make it more comfortable riding. Don't let this technical difficulty end your ride. Make sure you carry a small repair kit in case of need. A saddle bag with a multi-tool, tire levers, a spare inner tube and a pump will do the trick.

Those items are the most necessary items to start riding. But depending on your entry level and your goals, there might be some extras you might want to begin with. Therefore, sharing your goals with our cycling specialists at Wolfi's is always good. They can help you and advise you with any extra guidance to make your journey even better and more customized to your needs.

Where to Cycle?

The busy roads in the UAE aren't the best places for cyclists. The government has created some outstanding facilities and cycling lanes for everybody who wants to cycle and work on their fitness. In Abu Dhabi you find many cycle lanes and tracks like Al Hudayriyat and Al Wathba. In Dubai, the number of cycling lanes is also rapidly increasing, but apart from that there are cycling tracks like Al Qudra and Meydan. If you want to go mountain biking, you find your nice spots in Hatta, and Mushrif Park, Dubai. Where Abu Dhabi is working hard to build some challenging mountain bike trails at Al Hudayriyat Island, to find all tracks and Safe Places to ride, you can visit our dedicated page.

Visit Wolfi's and make your head start.

With 20 years of cycling experience in the UAE, some of the best brands in cycling and knowledgeable staff. Wolfi's has everything to get your cycling journey started the best way. 

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