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Top 6 Upgrades You Can Give to Your Bike

When considering an upgrade, the first step you need to take is to determine the outcome you want. For some riders, it's about being faster, while for others, it could also mean being more comfortable on the bike.

Here are our Top 6 recommendations to consider when upgrading your bike:

1. Tires

If you're keeping up with the pros, you'll notice that for their bike they're using tire widths of 25mm or 28mm, whereas a standard bike comes with 30mm and can go up to 32mm. Wider bike tires offer significantly more comfort and a larger surface area contact. 

Narrow bike tires have an advantage at higher speeds due to reduced air resistance.

The next aspect to consider is the rubber compounds of the tire. Ask the Wolfi's sales assistant to explain the differences between racing, training tires and how they perform.

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2. Tubes and Tire Pressure

The next step we recommend here at Wolfi's is to decide how you'll run your tires—tubeless or latex tubes? All these factors affect and can help reduce rolling resistance.

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Now, here's a tip on tire pressure: A harder tire doesn't necessarily mean a faster bike. Silca and SRAM offer a tire pressure calculator where you can input your tire metrics and information to get the optimum tire pressure for your style of riding. This maximizes rolling resistance and comfort.

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3. Wheels

Defining your riding goal will help you determine what you want from a wheel upgrade. Do you desire more speed, less weight, or to climb Jebel Jais with ease?

A common question we receive is, what is the ideal rim depth — 45mm, 50mm, 60mm?

This can be personal and varies among riders due to skill level and body weight. The best all-rounder is generally considered to be 45mm, as it provides comfort, hill-climbing ability, and stability in crosswinds. Deeper wheels like 60mm are faster but might require more stability control and may not be as comfortable over long rides.

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4. Tech

Technology can be overwhelming, especially in the cycling industry. If you're aiming to enhance your biking performance, the number one upgrade is a power meter. Power meters collect data, help you understand your riding, and empower you both on and off-road.

Power meters come in various options. To narrow it down, consider power meter pedals from Garmin or Wahoo. Both brands offer dual-sided and single-sided options. Pedal power meters are beneficial to cyclists who have multiple bikes and can easily transfer the pedals from one bike to another. You can then also look at other options like an integrated chain power meter or a crankset, offering lightness and stiffness.

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5. Ceramic Bearings

CeramicSpeed provides hubs, bottom brackets, pulley wheels, and headsets. CeramicSpeed's tests reveal that using their bearings in hubs, pulley wheels, and bottom brackets saves between 6-9 watts compared to standard steel bearings. This leads to better performance with reduced lubrication needs.

CeramicSpeed can reduce rolling resistance, extend component longevity, and offer marginal gains in weight savings. The distinction between ceramic and steel bearings lies in the material. Made from silicon nitride, ceramic bearings are known for reduced rolling resistance, increased hardness, and longevity.

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6. Maintenance

Don't wait until it's too late to change your bar tape or even your chain. A worn chain can affect your cassette and front chain rings, necessitating replacement of all three parts instead of just the chain.

The same applies to brake pads—change them early to avoid damaging disc rotors or rims if you're using a rim brake bike. Book your bike in regularly for a service to maintain the longevity of all parts and to avoid long waiting periods if you ever need to replace or upgrade a part.

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