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TIME pioneered clipless road pedals in the 1980s and '90s and is back at the top end of professional cycling in a big way. It’s no wonder. TIME XPRO pedals provide high adjustability and superior technology, all at an ultra-light weight. We’ve reorganized and simplified our road pedal lineup, making comparing models and selecting your perfect pedal easier. We’ve also added features to some of our most popular high-performance pedals.

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Pedal fit is about much more than avoiding injury or joint pain. It’s about enhancing your performance on the bike. On the bike, the pedal is the only in-motion interface between the human and the machine, making it a vital component. Fitting your road pedals to your bike (and you) is often more complex than it needs. Here are the basic terms to know and how to make them work for you.

ICLIC Technology

ICLIC Technology

ICLIC Technology makes clipping off the starting line or off the stop light easy. Our patented pre-opened pedal engagement system allows easy, secure engagement every time.


TIME’s XPRO road pedals are the choice of our road pros. These road pedals are among the lightest on the market. The pedal’s wide platform creates an efficient structure to transfer watts from your legs to the road. ICLIC technology provides high security and adjustability to prevent injuries. TIME XPRO road pedals also offer three spindle length options to give the riders more ergonomic options.

ICLIC Technology


TIME’s XPRESSO series are lightweight and dependable at a great value. These road pedals are light, highly adjustable, and feature ICLIC technology for easy clip in.


LINK is the easy way to up your pedal performance to clipless. The LINK features a flat platform for almost any casual rides, or you can step into the TIME’s ATAC clipless system. You can step into the TIME’s ATAC clipless system, which lets you clip-in with your favorite cycling shoe, giving you extra pedaling efficiency when you find yourself on longer or faster trips.


ATAC Technology

ATAC allows for a wide angle of step-in for positive engagement that allows for natural foot movement. What’s more, a clean pedal is an efficient pedal.


The XPRO & XPRESSO cleats have been specifically designed for the TIME XPRO & XPRESSO road bike pedal range. These cleats offer both angular and lateral freedom, allowing them to accommodate the natural movements of your legs and joints.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the Q-factor by switching the cleats, which helps optimize performance across three key aspects: security, ergonomics, and overall performance. The use of bi-material enhances their durability, especially when walking with the cleats. It’s worth noting that these cleats come as standard equipment with all XPRO & XPRESSO pedals.


Works with all XPRO and XPRESSO road pedals. It is a zero-float cleat design, so there are zero (0) degree of heel float and no lateral float along the pedal axle.


TIME's ICLIC FLOAT Cleats with is highly popular with most of our riders. Float is measured by how much your foot can move (angular and laterally) while clipped in and pedaling; this reduces strain on the knee during the pedaling motion.

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A quick guide of what to consider when selecting your best TIME XPRO or XPRESSO pedals and cleats.


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