Schwalbe Pro One Aero Tire

Introducing the Schwalbe Pro One Aero

Schwalbe has once again set the benchmark in the cycling world with their latest creation, the Pro One Aero tire. This tire, developed in collaboration with Scott and Syncros, embodies the pinnacle of aerodynamic design and performance. With a strong focus on aerodynamics, especially for the front tire, and reduced rolling resistance for the rear, the Pro One Aero is specifically engineered to excel in time trials and triathlons.

Schwalbe Pro One Aero Tire

The Pro One Aero is more than just a tire; it's a testament to Schwalbe's commitment to innovation and performance. It has already been used in competition by various professional teams and triathlon athletes, who have played a crucial role in its development. This tire made its large-scale debut at the Ironman World Championships, where athletes riding Schwalbe Pro One tires filled the podium. At the 2023 event in Kona, the top 3: Lucy Charles-Barclay, Anne Haug and Laura Philipp were all riding Schwalbe.

The Pro One Aero is the tire of choice for former World Champion Sebastian Kinele, who brought the curtain down on his illustrious career with 4th place at IronMan Cozumel in November on his Scott Plasma RC equipped with Schwalbe Pro One Aero tires.

The tire is popular with Triathletes, and it’s easy to see why. One of the most notable features is its aerodynamic efficiency. It boasts a 20% reduction in drag at 45 kph compared to its predecessor, the Pro One TT, in a 25mm width. This makes it not just Schwalbe's most aerodynamic tire yet, but a game-changer in the realm of high-speed cycling.

Schwalbe Pro One Aero Tire

The Pro One Aero is tubeless compatible, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. It also incorporates Schwalbe’s RaceGuard material, which significantly enhances puncture protection, a critical factor for any serious cyclist. The front tire weighs a mere 235g, making it one of the lightest and most competitive race tires on the market. The rear tire, slightly heavier at 270g, is designed to provide optimal balance and control.

What sets the Pro One Aero apart is the distinct construction of the front and rear tires. The front tire, where aerodynamic drag is more significant, has been fine-tuned through rigorous wind tunnel and road testing. Its shape is optimised for modern wide rims, reducing air resistance and improving overall performance. The rear tire, on the other hand, focuses on reducing rolling resistance, thereby enhancing speed and efficiency.

Schwalbe Pro One Aero Tire

Another notable difference is the tread thickness, which differs from front to back, 0.8mm front and 1.2mm rear, where the increased weight on the wheel demands improvement in thickness for puncture protection. The added security of the anti-puncture layers inside the tire, when compared to the no-flat-protection Pro One TT, makes the Pro One Aero far more usable as an everyday race tire.

In summary, the Schwalbe Pro One Aero represents a significant leap forward in tire technology, offering cyclists unparalleled speed, control, and reliability.

It's a tire that doesn't just meet the expectations of the most demanding riders; it exceeds them.

Schwalbe Pro One Aero Review by Bicycle Rolling Resistance

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