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Essential Bike Tools and Must Have Spares During Rides and Races!

One thing we always recommend when purchasing your very first bike is to ensure that you have the essential tools and must-have spares to accompany you during your general rides and races. After all, what is a captain without his wheel to steer the ship?

Below mentioned are the essential tools and spares you will need when you travel with your bike, on your everyday rides and your most important race day.

 Essential Tools: 

  • Tire Levers:
    These tools are indispensable for removing and installing tires.

    Click here to view the tire levers.

  • CO2 Canister:
    This is a small gas canister, often referred to as an 'air-in-a-can,' containing enough air to rapidly inflate your tire to around 100 PSI or so. CO2 cartridges come in various sizes, with the most common ones being 12g, 16g, and 25g. Click here to view the CO2 Cartridge
  • CO2 Inflator:
    This is the adapter into which the CO2 cartridge screws. It allows you to attach it to your valve and release the air. Many inflators enable you to control the airflow into the tube. Click here to view the CO2 Inflator.
  • Multi-tool with Valve Core Tool:
    Multi-tools can include a variety of Allen key sizes, screwdriver heads (flat and Phillips), a chain breaker, a torque wrench, a spoke wrench, and some even come with a bottle opener (perhaps for celebrating once the job is done?). Regardless of the multi-tool you choose, make sure you know how to use it. There's no point in investing in an all-encompassing multi-tool if you have no idea how to utilize its features. Click here to view the multi-tool.
  • Torque Wrench:
    This is a must-have tool for tightening bolts to the correct torque, especially for carbon fiber components. Click here to view the torque wrench.
  • Allen Key Set:
    This is an essential tool for adjusting various components on your bike, such as the seat, handlebars, and stem. Click here to view the allen key set.

  • Patch Kit:
    This is a lightweight tool and easy-to-use way to repair a flat tire on the go.  Click here to view the patch kit.
  • Shock Pump (MTB):
    This is necessary tool for adjusting the air pressure in your suspension forks and shocks. Click here to view the shock pump.

  • Waterproof Case:
    This is an ideal tool for protecting your phone and spares from water damage in case of sudden downpours. Click here to view the recommended waterproof case.

  • Chipolo Trackers & Tags:
    Locate your missing keys, bike, backpack and luggage with the Apple Find My network, made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world by installing the Chipolo ONE Spot Tracker (works with the Apple Find My app (only for iOS)). Click here to view the Chipolo trackers & tags.

  • Lezyne Matrix Bike Tagger:
    Have peace of mind about where your bike is at all time by installing the Lezyne Matrix Tagger that allows an Apple AirTag to be discretely inserted (does not include Apple AirTag). Click here to view the Lezyne Matrix bike tagger.
  • Hand Pump:
    An essential tool for any ride or travelling where space and weight is finite to ensure that your tires are pumped up to the perfect pressure. Click here to view all pumps.

  • Zip Ties:
    This tool can fix anything in an emergency!

  • Safety Pins:
    Always good to have to fix any clothing or number situation that might arise!

  • Side-Cutting Pliers:
    Use this tool to tidy up any stray zip ties, threads or cables lingering around especially after attaching the race numbers to your bike. Click here to view all side-cutting pliers.

Click the button below to view the entire collection of essential tools.

 Essential Spares: 

  • Clean Rags:
    These are used to clean your chain and other components.
  • Two Spare Tubes:
    Always carry extra tubes in case of punctures. Click here to view our recommended spare tubes.
  • Spare Batteries for DI Groupsets:
    Ensure you have spare batteries for electronic shifting groupsets. Click here for our recommended batteries.
  • Disc Chuck for Disc Wheels:
    This is necessary tool for inflating disc wheels with a floor pump. Click here to view the product.

In addition to the above, you may also want to consider carrying the following spares:

  • Chain Links:
    These can be used to repair a broken chain. Click here to view all chain links.
  • Brake Pads:
    It's a good idea to have a spare set of brake pads in case yours wear out prematurely. Click here to view all our recommended brake pads.
  • Derailleur Hanger:
    This is small but important part that can easily be damaged in a crash. Having a spare will save you a lot of hassle if you need to replace it. Click here for our recommended derailleur hanger.
  • SRAM / Campagnolo / Shimano Battery:
    Always useful to have one for your particular groupset system in case of any damage to the battery. Click here to view our recommended batteries.
  • Spare Cleats:
    Cleats wear out over time and can snap or fail, best to have spare set. Click here to view all cleats.
  • Seat Post:
    More and more seatposts are becoming specific to a particular model, let alone, brand of bike, so always a smart move to have one spare. They are the most adjusted part of the bike have to take a rider's weight which can cause fatigue. Click here to view all seat posts.

  • Seat Post Clamp:
    Much like seatposts, clamps can wear out over time due to adjustments and corrosion. Don't let such a simple, but essential part put a stop to you riding.

  • Spare Tires:
    Tires are a perishable part and unforutnately punctures are a common occurence for all cyclists, therefore the tire may well need replacing so always handy to have one or two spare. Click here to view our recommended spare tires.

By carrying these essential tools and spares, you'll be prepared for anything that comes your way on your next bike ride or race.

Preparing to travel abroad with your bike? Read through our list of travel and race checklist to be on top of the game!

Book your bike in for a service.

Servicing your bike can help you ensure that your bike is in top condition for the grueling ride ahead, reducing the risk of breakdowns and increasing your chances of success.

Additionally, regular maintenance can identify and fix any potential issues before they become major problems, giving you peace of mind as you tackle this demanding challenge.

Book your bike for a service now and give yourself a head start. Our team is here for you to ensure that your bike is in the best shape possible before you hit the road.

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