Giro d'Italia 2024

Celebrating Giro d'Italia, Celebrating Italy

All cycling enthusiasts know that the season's first grand tour has begun, the renowned Giro d'Italia. Over three weeks we’ll see the best riders in the world tackle some of the steepest mountains and roughest terrain in the cycling world. 

Separated by only seconds after weeks of racing, what sets riders apart isn’t just their fitness and talent, it’s their equipment and technology providing them with a competitive edge. 
Where each meter and second counts, every piece of equipment and its technologies provides a specific advantage. What’s even more exciting, is that many of these brands, including bikes, apparel, and technologies, originate from the capital of cycling, Italy. Get a piece of the action with your Giro d’Italia merchandise available at Wolfi’s.

Colnago Road Bikes


Colnago showcases strength and versatility in all their bikes, making it the first brand in cycling history to introduce carbon frames to professional teams. Tackling and winning some of the toughest races in the world, Colnago bikes have conquered Paris Roubaix, Tour de France, and of course, the Giro d'Italia.

UAE Team Emirates Kit


The official clothing sponsor of UAE Team Emirates is Pissei, a cycling apparel brand founded in Italy in 1978. Pissei strives to find perfect materials and designs to maximize comfort and speed on the road for its riders. Show your support for UAE Team Emirates by purchasing the official team apparel and accessories. Available in male, female, and even child fit, there’s a supporter’s item for the whole family.

Castelli Espresso Jersey


Castelli is one of the oldest Italian brands, originating back to 1876, introducing the first aerodynamic jersey in 2006. Focusing on comfort, function, and performance, Castelli is the official apparel brand of the Giro d'Italia, providing leaders jerseys for all categories, and kitting out some of the best teams in the world.

KASK Elemento Helmet Green


Kask is one of the few helmet-specific brands produced entirely and distributed in Italy. Developed to fit the needs of the top cyclists in the world, Kask offers you comfort, style, and function, making it one of the best choices for protection, tackling tough terrains, and overcoming the most rigorous of circumstances on your bicycle.



Silca is one of the most competitive tool and accessory brands in the cycling world, originating in 1917, in Italy. From multi-tools, pumps, inner tubes, and sealant, what sets Silca apart from competing brands, is its drive for innovation and technological advancements. Silca was the first company to put a gauge on a pump, and more recently, to develop a valve-controlled CO2 inflator.

Fizik Shoes


Fizik’s roots go back to 1996, when it established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of saddles and shoes globally. Fizik offers some of the most comfortable and high-performing shoes and saddles, offering extra wide and narrow options for all cyclists to perform optimally with quality Italian craftsmanship.


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