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ABUS GameChanger 2.0 Helmet

ABUS, the renowned German helmet manufacturer, has unveiled the highly anticipated GameChanger 2.0 at the prestigious 2023 Tour de France, where it will be worn by the esteemed riders of Team Movistar.

This latest iteration follows the success of the original GameChanger, which was launched in 2017.

With the GameChanger 2.0, Abus has introduced several notable enhancements, including improved ventilation for summer, especially needed in locations such as the UAE and optimal aerodynamics to match the blistering speeds of riders descending down Jebel Jais.

Building upon the foundation set by its previous model, the GameChanger 2.0 maintains a similar overall profile and style. However, it incorporates a range of key updates that elevate its performance.

One of the standout features is the new ventilation system, featuring larger vents and enhanced airflow. ABUS has implemented an innovative ‘Airboost’ design on the lower front of the helmet, which increases air intake by approximately 32% compared to the previous GameChanger.

This design also prevents sweat from accumulating on the rider's forehead. Positioned above the Airboost section are the horizontal ‘Acti Cage’ bridges, intelligently directing airflow into the helmet at higher speeds. These bridges are thoughtfully shaped like shark fins to further improve aerodynamics.

The GameChanger 2.0 pays attention to detail, even in its rear design. It incorporates ‘Air Port’ vents at the back, which serve a dual purpose.

Firstly, they provide additional ventilation, ensuring optimal airflow throughout the helmet.

Secondly, they serve as storage for sunglasses, this was seen as such importance as any other additions to the helmet. 

Furthermore, ABUS has integrated forced air cooling technology, resulting in 20% more efficient air outtake compared to its predecessor.

ABUS has also made notable upgrades to the chin strap and retention system of the GameChanger 2.0. Dubbed 'Flow straps,' the straps feature a wider V-shape, ensuring that the helmet consistently maintains the optimal head position.

The 'Zoom Pro' retention system introduces a new slider design that individually guides the straps and adjuster system into position, guaranteeing a secure and comfortable fit on the rider's head.

The GameChanger 2.0 is available in two versions: with and without MIPS technology.

Opting for the MIPS version increases the helmet's price. Additionally, the MIPS variant includes a special FidLock buckle.

Notably, both versions of the helmet are QUIN ready, meaning they can be integrated with QUIN Crash Detection Technology. This integrated accelerometer detects and measures falls. In the event of a crash, the QUIN sensor can automatically contact an emergency contact and share the rider's location via email or text.

However, users have the option to deactivate this feature in the QUIN app if the helmet is accidentally dropped.

With its impressive array of improvements and features, the ABUS GameChanger 2.0 cements itself as a top choice for professional cyclists and avid cycling enthusiasts.

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