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The Beginning

“Develop premium quality and performance-enhancing bicycle lubricants. Formulate them with ingredients that respect the environment. Market them honestly. Price them fairly."

This was the mission statement upon which Finish Line® was launched and the one that continues to guide Finish Line today. Back in 1988, the availability of technically advanced bicycle lubricants that enhanced the performance of sophisticated multi-geared drivetrains was extremely limited. Household lubricants simply did not address the lubrication requirements that were specific to bicycles and the wide range of conditions in which they were used. In March of 1988 Henry (Hank) Krause, fresh out of the ranks of Mobil Corporation, founded Finish Line Technologies, Inc.

Our First Product: Finish Line® Dry Lube

Krause believed in the efficacy of Teflon™ fluoropolymer and its ability to help address the mechanical and lubrication needs of bicycles. Teflon™ fluoropolymer became an important building block for Finish Line’s first product. By using Teflon™, special grades of synthetic oils, and a proprietary wax-like additive system, the company was able to create the industry’s first dry-style lubricant, aptly named, Finish Line Dry Lube with Teflon™ fluoropolymer.

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Finish Line

Bicycle Lubricants and Care Products

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What are the key differences between Dry & Wet Bicycle Chain Lubricants?

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Thule bike racks are expertly designed to make it safe and easy to transport your bike. Whether you have a passion for road cycling or family bike vacations – Thule has a bike rack for every cyclist.

Thule Euroride Towbar Bike Rack

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fizik Shoes

Thule bike racks are expertly designed to make it safe and easy to transport your bike. Whether you have a passion for road cycling or family bike vacations – Thule has a bike rack for every cyclist.

Thule Euroride Towbar Bike Rack

Thule ProRide

Company History

Thule's focus is set on developing products with four strong values:





Chain Lubricants

Chain lube for all bikes, ensuring smooth rides and a great performance!

Finish Line Dry Teflon Plus Dry Lube

Finish Line Cross Country Wet Lube

Finish Line Krytech Wax Chain Lube

Finish Line Ceramic Wet Lube

Finish Line Ceramic Wax Lube

Finish Line E-Bike Cleaner Aerosol

Finish Line 1-Step Cleaner & Lubricant

Cleaning Tools

Quick, efficient and easy to use cleaning tools for your bicycle.

Finish Line Brush Set

Includes every brush that a mechanic or DIY'er needs for quick and easy bicycle cleaning! The set includes 5 different brushes to clean and remove mud, dirt and road grime from the frame and components of any bike. it includes chain for hanging after use.

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Finish Line Grunge Brush

Now with an improved ergonomic design! Chain and gear cleaning has never been faster or easier. Scrub the chain with the horseshoe shaped bristles at one end of The Grunge Brush™ to clean all four sides of the chain. Use the long bristles on the other end of the brush to clean components like sprockets, derailleurs, cranksets, brakes and pedals.

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Finish Line Gear Floss

Finish Line Gear Floss™ is the ultimate detailing tool! Perfect for cleaning your cassette, front chain rings, jockey wheels, hubs and spindles, brake arms, bottom bracket / crank interface, and more.

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Growing the Business

Finish Line® began with a focus on small batch production, product development, and quality control. Soon, building brand identity and expanding the Bicycle Care category became a priority.

In 1990 Finish Line recognized that there was international potential for its bicycle lubricants and the company began exporting to Germany and England. Soon, the company began attending European and Asian bike shows and these efforts helped fuel additional global expansion.

In recent years, Finish Line has focused on teaching cyclists how to choose and use the Finish Line lubricants, cleaners, and cleaning tools that match up best with their bikes, the conditions they ride in, and their personal commitment to bike maintenance. This focus has resulted in the industries first interactive lube selector tool and degreaser selector tool.

Finish Line Super Bike Wash

Use Super Bike Wash™ to quickly clean dirt, clay, road grime, chain soils, nutritional residues and winter storage grime off all surfaces of your bike with little to no scrubbing.


At Finish Line®, we're on a mission to help bicycles perform better by reducing drivetrain and bearing friction. In doing so, we know that we are helping prevent the premature retirement and disposal of thousands of bikes every year. What a great and rewarding business to be in.

 The opportunity to be in this business would have never happened without the loyalty, feedback, patience, and passion of the many dealers and cyclists who have given Finish Line a chance (and sometimes a second chance) over the past 25+ years. For this and more, everyone at Finish Line is extremely grateful and we extend a heartfelt “thank you!”

- Hank Krause
Founder and President

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Thule Courier Dog Trailer Kit

Thule Courier Dog Trailer Kit provides a safe and comfortable ride for your dog. It makes your Thule Courier trailer even more versatile, making it easy for you and your four-legged friend to live an active life outdoors and discover exciting new places together.

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In 1942, in the deepest forest of Småland, Sweden, Thule was founded by Erik Thulin, a true lover of the outdoors. Since then, our focus has been designing and developing quality products that help you carry your gear wherever your passion takes you.

Thule is founded by Eric Thulin, Sweden

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