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A History of Racing Excellence!

Founded with a commitment to innovation, speed, and performance using advanced engineering, Factor Bikes represents the union of technology and integration. With a heritage deep in the world of motorsport and aviation, we constantly search for ways to innovate in our designs and products.

The motorsport technology that helped define the earliest creations from Factor, like the bf1systems-developed power meter and the data logging system featured on early Factors, have helped push the industry further. These design initiatives continue to seep into Factor bikes. We’re not afraid to do things differently to push the technology forward.

Wolfi's Talks with Factor's Founder and CEO Rob Gitelis

Keeping up with the Pro's

The Best Way To Enhance Your Factor

Finding the perfect frame is only part of the equation to building a dream bike. Having the right set of wheels is at least as important. Our Black Inc wheels are designed with the corresponding Factor frame in mind to ensure the absolute best ride possible.

Black Inc SIXTY Ceramicspeed Disc Brake Clincher Wheelset

The Black Inc SIXTY wheelset’s construction is optimized for stability and rider comfort, making them ideal whether you’re on paved, or unpaved surfaces, punching up the hills, or soaring on flatter roads.

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Black Inc Black Five Ceramicspeed

Black Inc Zero Disc Wheel Disc
Brake Rear

Black Inc Three Clincher Disc Brake Front

Teams & Athletes

At Factor, racing is in our DNA. From inception to future innovation, from ride quality to aerodynamics – we stay true to our racing roots. Working with world-class teams and athletes allows us to constantly strive for the very best, so our bikes always have that winning edge. 

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Factor Hanzo Triathlon Frameset

The Hanzo Time Trial frame kit from Factor is made from super-light, super-stiff TeXtreme® carbon fibres and offers you tyre clearance of up to 28 mm. The UCI-compliant frame was not only optimised in the wind tunnel, but also adapted to real competition conditions.

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