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When riding a bike for any reason, it is important to always wear a helmet. It doesn’t matter how slow, fast or how far you ride!


It Protects your Head

Reduces Severe Injuries

Prevents Death

Injuries from the head and neck are often the cause of death, severe injury, or disability. Studies show that 75% of deaths caused by riding bicycles or motorcycles are a result of collisions. Also, head injuries result mostly in much higher medical costs than any other type of injury. There are 2 types of injuries, one with direct impact to the head and the other being the acceleration-deceleration effect. This can cause serious brain damage.

Wearing a helmet reduces both types of injuries. Some helmet brands offer the MIPS system that is designed to extra protect the brain against the acceleration-deceleration effect. Not only wearing a helmet but also wearing it the correct way is of great importance. Make sure the helmet is put on the right way, not too much to the back or front, not loose (tighten straps correctly).

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