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The first and most important step of your buying journey is ensuring that your bike fits. Use our online fitting system or visit a Wolfi's store near you for a complete fitting experience with one of our experts. 


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At Wolfi’s Bike Shop, we have teamed up with the Radlabor Cycling Laboratory's Smart Fit System to do our initial body measurements and frame selection. Born out of the Institute for Sports and Sport Science at the University of Freiburg, in Germany, Radlabor‘s deep database of the geometry of frames from every major Cycling brand in the world combined with the research they’ve done at the University to turn a rider’s skeletal measurements into a recommendation for the right brand and frame size lets us rapidly select the correct frame for any rider.

When followed by a full bike analysis using the GebioMized fitting tools to analyze the rider’s cleat position, saddle pressure, and pedaling efficiency while on the bike allows us to find the best balance between the rider’s comfort and their performance out in the real world.

At Wolfi's we are very dedicated to have you as comfortable or as competitive as possible on your bike. Therefore we selected one of the most advanced bike fit systems on the market.